Haunted Voices from My Past


I Don't Believe that Anybody's Soul
Stays in a Graveyard.

A PRESENCE crept through the leaves blanketing the earth, lingering behind the man and woman. The couple paused. Scarischle. The presence halted behind them.
    The man looked wildly around the cemetery. Chest heaving, he grabbed his wife's arm. "Is it my dad?" the presence heard him ask the woman.
    "I don't know who it is or what it is," the woman whispered.
    The presence left the couple and slipped silently from the cemetery.

Haunted Voices from My Past: True Narratives of an Ohio Family will torment its readers long before the nightly moon has risen and the bedside lamps are switched off. Join J.E. Seanachaí on a chilling procession through one hundred years of true family narratives that delve into the supernatural, macabre, and unexplained.
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