The Mysterious House

The Mysterious House

“Oh, no!” whispered Sheila.

“Someone is coming inside.”

THE MOONLIT SHADOW advanced. In the shadow's hand was a large flashlight. It flashed over the barn before it fastened on the trap-door handle on the floor. The barn door slammed shut and once again the inside of the barn lay in darkness. The sole light came from the flashlight outlining the trap door. As the figure neared the trap door where Jimmy lay hidden, Sheila's fingers gripped Mary's shoulder. Mary, hiding the terror she felt, put a reassuring hand over Sheila's and gave it a squeeze. Mary's teeth were tightly shut, and her jaws ached as the scream rising in her throat was swallowed. Her thoughts were of Jimmy, trapped in the underground space, who was soon to be exposed by this figure with the light.

The first title of the Fox Mystery Series is the adventure story of three fifth-graders and their discovery of a mystery surrounding an old abandoned house.

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